The Start of it All

This week was the official start of all my lessons.


This was as continuation of the first lesson that I had last Monday. This week I was with Val and I was starting fashion drawing. This was worrying for me because drawing isn’t my strongest point. However, we started with mannequins and weย were pinning paper, ribbon, anything we wanted to make creations.


Mine consisted of a dress stylized on a butterflies wing.

From there, we then had a go at drawing the outline of a model from a magazine. We drew a few of these and put the ideas of out first creations on them. This got us to think about the real items and what they would be like on real people.

After this came some quick fashion illustration paintings. For this, we had to quickly draw the outline and the dress that we drew earlier using ink. This meant that they weren’t going to look perfect and would be a little messy. This I found hard to do because my drawing skills are limited and so to drawing people without fine detail was tricky. However, I was starting to get the hang of it. What I like about these kinds of drawing is that they doing have to perfectly painted and if some white background comes through then it doesn’t matter.



Here we had our first official lesson on my contextual studies. This means this is the lesson where I do all the writing and listening that goes with the practical work.

This lesson’s final piece consists of a blog/journal (what I am writing on at the minute) and a presentation. We had a chat about this and the different kinds of things we can put on it. I was excited for this because a blog sounds fun and it is somewhere to showcase the work that I will be doing throughout the year.


This was also the start of a brand new lesson, my support module of Fashion Construction. I was excited to start this because this will consist of creating clothes and that is what interests me.

To bring us into this, we looked at different seams. They started from simple to much more complex. I was coming into this fairly new, having hardly any experience in any sewing other than a straight seam on a sewing machine. Surprisingly, I was actually quite good at the different seams. Once I knew what I was doing, I found it quite enjoyable; running to the front to check on the new one that I had to try out. My favourite seam had to be the one with the binding, I had always wanted to have a go at it because I thought it looked professional and difficult to do, it wasn’t so I was surprised!

Because I finished early, I was to look at different patterns and toils that are hung on the wall. Some looked more confusing ย than others but it did give me a look into what I would be doing in the new few weeks.


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