What is an Art School?

1670s – The beginning, people sat round a statue or piece of art and had to draw it

1860s – All work was predictable, all female nudes, tedious but beautiful

1863 – Edauant Manet – painted naked women but not the similarly predictable way as before, she was painted naked rather than nude. People didn’t like the naked side of it – it made women look more vulnerable and weaker.

UNOVIS Russuan Art School 

1919 – Lyons Feininger – ‘The cathedral of the future’ A woodcut picture of Bauhaus – it is to represent the idea of Bauhaus, very clean cut and sharp edged.

1926 – Bauhaus – influential German art school, this school specialised in all art including pottery, theatre and painting

A graphic design poster was created for Bauhaus it was edgy and modernised to give it a different representation. 

Moholy Nagy 

1926 ‘City Lights’

1928 ‘Berlin Radio Tower’

These pieces gave Bauhaus a ‘industrial’ and ‘technological’ character.

There was ever the start of art and design production and sculpture.

1931 – John Baldessan – founder of the ‘post studies’ course at California institute of art (CalArts) 

‘Tips for artist who want to sell’

Michael Craig Martin and Jon Thompson 

 – transformed teaching and abolished departmental structure

Sir William Goldstream

1963 – Introdution to Diploma in Art and Design qualification for 18+ (DipAD)

1974 DipAD became BA (Hons) – a qualification that reflects at a more intellectual or academic level, students wanted this and protested for it. 


Rehberger – designed cafe for the school, he wanted to ‘destroy the expectations’

Bevys – they let anyone of any kind of skills into their school

UnitedNationsPLazy – all the lectures ate online and the documentisation for anyone to read 

What can Art school teach you?

  • Skills – all skills in all subjects
  • Lectures
  • Techniques 

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