Second Week

This is my second week, and my last week before reading week/a week off! 😀 Although I do have to do work but still…


Today we had swapped over and I was with Will and we were doing textile prints. A load of random objects were laid out in front of us again and we had to draw patterns in reference to them. We could use any kinds of drawing material we wanted, a range of them is best (as I found out later on). I found these really difficult to do because the objects in front didn’t really have any patterns about them so you had to think hard about them. Saying that, I made one really good pattern that I really liked.

After we had made some patterns, we had to cut them up and create more patterns with the others. This was hard at first to think of any patterns or which one would go with what. Once I got going it wasn’t so bad. The only problem was that I had a really nice, intricate pattern that I didn’t really want to use, so instead I photocopied it and kept the original. This was a great idea because I could make loads more patterns!

The patterns that we had created were to be photocopied to bigger sheets and then used to have a go at constructing the first remnants of a shirt. I didn’t actually get that far though and just stuck to my inky patterns.


This was the day of another lecture. This one wasn’t too bad, it was about primary research and how it can be used. I will post my notes on the lecture later.

For the rest of the day, we were talking about the fashion cities homework that I did. Gill gave us each a different city and within our city we have to pick a 2 designers that show there, 1 I know and 1 I don’t know. I have been given Paris but I don’t know which designer I am going to pick yet.


My Friday slot for my support module has been moves to Wednesday afternoons, not to confuse anyone. This does make it easier, I now get a lay-in and I get the rest of the week off!

Today, we were learning about how to sew in zips. I was pretty excited about this because zips look difficult but will look effective when put into a garment. The first zip wasn’t too bad, it was fairly simple actually to just place it next to the material and sew it in. However, they were starting to get progressively harder. The invisible zip wasn’t too bad, once I got the idea. I wanted to learn this one because people are always impressed by these. Once I got to the off centre zip with open seam I started to panic, and not just because it has a really complicated name. I found this one hard to get the hang of and once I read what I had to do I sat down and totally forgot again… I finally did it though, after pestering my friends with what to do next every new stitch (the didn’t really know either, we were all in the same boat). The last one, flush zip pocket, I really liked, it was simple to do and it looks really cool. I can tell that when I get the chance, I will be doing that one again. The second part of the lesson were going to be making button holes but some of us didn’t actually get chance to finish it. I was one of them…


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