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A couple of weeks ago, we started a project on the fashion cities. We were each given a city and we had to pick two designers that show there, one that I know and one that I don’t. The city I have is Paris and the designers I have chosen are Alexander McQueen and Undercover. 

Alexander McQueen: 


 ‘Mixing romance and nature together for the label’s fall line, Designer Sarah Burton created an animalistic collection set against an eerie backdrop that brought her crafts to life’

‘A dark Pagan cult stalk a forgotten earth wasteland. Gothic warrior ravens in black feather coats entrap and seduce the innocent in virginal white dresses’

I quite like this collection. It looks very wintery which I think works very well with the trends right now. It has a very medieval feel with the dark colours and and the fur. 



‘After studying at Tokyo’s Bunka Academy of Fashion, Jun Takahashi created Undercover in 1991 while he was still in school. Eternally inspired by music, he opened his first store in 1993 and soon moved on to present his first runway show the next year. Mentored by Rei Kawakubo, Takahashi has since become an integral part of the industry, taking an avant-garde approach with a “less is better”philosophy.’
Undercover was my second designer. I haven’t heard of them before a I looked it up but I saw a snippet of the show online and thought it looked good so I picked it. I originally saw SS 14 because it had 50s style prom dresses but realised that it was the wrong season. It did interest me so I stuck with the designer.
I found this collection interesting. It had a very royal theme throughout, with the the crowns and decorative jewels. The colours are all very similar too, dark with hints of royal reds and purples. I thought it worked well with the other designer well because of the older, medieval style. 


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