Reading Week

This week was reading week so I have basically had a week off, although I have had some work to do…

The biggest amount I had to do was my sketchbook. 5 pages of research and 10 pages of experiments! Anyway, it wasn’t as hard as I though actually.

For the research, I looked though a few different magazines of ELLE I had laying around the house and ripped out any patterns that I liked and though would be easy enough to recreate. One pattern I really wanted to pick was tartan, it is one of my favourite and I like to wear it myself. The only problem there was that I could find a lot of it in the magazines.

My other favourite pattern that I found was the leaves. The pandora collection I really love and made really wish that I could get more pandora rings! I also really like the patterns that I recreated from them too. Especially the many drawn leaves that overlap each other. That one looked great when I photocopied it and made the scale smaller.

After I had looked at a few patterns I decided to make my own. This was hard because I liked many of the patterns on their own. However, I did manage it, and some looked pretty cool. My favourite is a striped one that I made using 2 different leaf patterns. I like 2 different kinds of line used because one is heavy and made using paint and the other is very thin and is made using a biro pen.
The patterns went towards some clothing Ideas. I did the same technique as in the lesson to draw a model (mainly because I am terrible at drawing), then drew some different styled skirts on copy paper. They are my favourite to wear so I though it might be fun to design some. I made a couple of different patterns so that I could get a range of ideas of what they would look like. I also stuck in the original to show how my ideas came together.


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