Fashion Construction and More Fashion Construction


Today was the official start of my 4 week Monday lessons. During this, I will be starting more fashion construction! Except this time I will be making a shirt.
To start, we had to design what our shirt would look like. The brief is to make a shirt, but we have to add 4 or more extras to it. The ideas for mine are to add a contrast collar, cuffs and pocket, a contrast inset zip and a drawstring channel on both the side seams. Maybe even some contrast colour top stitch.
Here is the little doodle of my shirt if you’re interested in how it will look.

After we had drawn and planned it out, we had to make out paper templates from blocks. We started by just drawing round the original shirt shape, that way once we are done we can change it to shape of our own shirt. This got a little confusing because I had to imagine what it would look like and add what I thought I would need extra of. Saying that, I actually finished it in the lesson! It wasn’t really thing hard though, a lot of what I am doing just involves adding contrast colour.


Today, we were meant to have a big, all art students involved, event happening, but it got canceled. Instead, we watched a documentary on Paris, ‘Bright Lights, Brilliant Minds’.
I found it really interesting, the way that it looked at different kinds of artists from Paris in 1928. The artists ranged from painters to writers and film makers. My favourite to look at was Tamara Delempicka, she made some amazing paintings. Many of her paintings are glamorous,much like herself. She even picked a prostitute , Rafaela, off the street to model for her because she was the most beautiful women she had ever seen. And that is very much shown in her paintings of her. The other painting we looked at was ‘My Portrait’, a painting of herself looking very glitz and glamour.


Flares and gathers were the theme of today. This I was pretty worried about, they sound quite confusing. If I was worried before I even got to class, then you don’t know what I was feeling when I saw the tutorial. Once I dot started though, I wasn’t too bad. We only made the half of a dress and it was made for a mini mannequin so it wasn’t that hard or time consuming. The gathers were easy, but it was good to learn how to do it, I can tell that I will be using this in the future. The seconds dress that we made had 3 different panels and only had side gathers. The most complicated part of this was to make the draft. It involved drawing the original dress, then moving the block around to get the right shape. Once I had cut out the all the panels the sewing wasn’t too bad, it was fairly similar to the first piece, just with an extra piece for the middle. I thought they were really cute and if I had made them into full size dresses them I would totally wear them!




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