Shirt Making

Monday I finally started to put together my skirt!
I was so worried to start this because I had never really sewn a proper wearable item from scratch.
I had to start with any horizontal seams that I have planned. I have one on the back that is gathered. I did this quite quickly because I did gathers the other week in my fashion construction support module. I think the look really great and I am so excited to see what they look like with the rest of my finished shirt. I also did my first top stitching for decoration on my gathers. I thought that it made it look much more professional so I can tell that I will be doing it on more of my shirt.


The next on the list is shoulder/cuff seams. My shirt has a contrast cuff so I simply just folded it in half and sewed it to the bottom of my cuff. I had some trouble with my sleeves because I didn’t really think about sewing them to the shirt and so I just did the cuffs to whatever sit I wanted. However, when it came to sewing the sleeve, I found that there is a back and front to it and the notches wouldn’t line up. Because of this, I had to pull apart my cuff and redo it, hoping that I did it the right side this time. I did, and it didn’t look too bad. I also did the top stitching on the contrast cuffs.


After that, I stitched the front and the back together. That was pretty simple, but I guess it would get me ready to do the shoulders. Lining it up was hard, but once I did the other it wasn’t too bad to do the other. After that, it started to actually look like a shirt, complete with sleeves. However, it is more of a cape because I haven’t started on the side seams yet.




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