More shirt making

Today was the next lesson in my fashion construction from my shirt.

I started off the day by sewing the seam connecting my front, back and sleeves together. Now my shirt won’t look like a cape anymore! This was pretty simple to do because it is just a straight stitch down it then over locking it.


After that, it was time for my pockets. Pockets I did in my last Wednesday fashion construction lesson so I was feeling confident. To do the pockets I just had to fold over the top and over lock then stitch it. The bottom curve had to be folded under so that I could top stitch round it to keep it in place. I chose to do a contrast colour to it; red is what I picked because it would match my zip. I had cut out two pockets (just in case I mucked up the first one) so I decided to pin them both to the shirt. I wanted it to make it look different so I experimented with where to put it. I finally decided to put them on the same side, just below each other.



After that it was the time of my zip. I had chosen to do the most complicated one (I don’t even know why…). The most complicated bit about it has to be the fact that my zip didn’t actually seem to fit! I had cut the bottom of my front because it didn’t actually fit with the back of it. Afterwards I actually realised why it was like that… :\ However, I found a zip that was actually the perfect fit and was red! For the inset part of the zip I had to cut a long length of material in my contrast colour and overlock the raw edges. Then sew the material to the overlock centre front seam. One side of the zip when them be sewn on top of that to that all the layers can be folded back and all the layers are shown. Do the same on the other side of the centre front then it can be zipped up!



And this is my shirt at the end of the day!




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