V&A Trip

Today I made my way to London and went to the Victoria and Albert museum. I as quite excited about this because I had never been before and had always wanted to go.
After the slow train then underground journey I finally made it. We had to meet the rest of the class under the blue and green chandelier at the main entrance, thankfully someone else knew where this was. On the way there I got to look at some on the other pieces in the museum. There are many different sections but the one I was most interested in was the fashion and textiles and the jewellery.
After we found out what time we were going into the Horst exhibition we got to look around ourselves. One exhibition that was free to go in was the Disobedient Objects exhibitions. I found this quite interesting because it was about different bits and pieces that were used for protesting around the world at different times. Some of them were quite recent which was interesting, like the cardboard placards that people used to protest about the school funding.



We also had a look at the fashion section. Here the clothing ranged from very early to newish. I liked to look at the changes that had been made in the clothing because some looked ridiculous compared to what we wear now; especially the corsets that women used to wear. My favourite section was the 1960’s because the style of clothing is very similar to what I wear now anyway.




After that we had a look for the jewellery section. Some of the pieces in this beautiful and made we wish that we could wear jewellery like that now. It had some of the different royal jewellery worm throughout the years and the tiaras were amazing. However, once it got to the more modern day stuff it started to get weirder and less sparkly.

The Horst exhibition is why we were here in the first place. It started off by looking at some of his earlier work and life. This was interesting because his earlier worked showed how he got his technique and the setting for most of his photos. When it got to the fashion photography was when it started to get really interesting. Horst did a lot of the vogue front page pictures, and there was a bit range of them there. I really loved the early ones from the 1940’s, the covers were much simpler and they manly dominated it. I really like this idea because it makes them cleaner and easier to look at compared to magazines nowadays. There were also big posters of some of the photographs and they looked amazing!


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