Today was the turn of the collar.
We had a go at 3 different collars, stand collar, one-piece shirt collar and a Roll Peter Pan collar.
The Peter Pan collar was the first one that I had a go at. We got the chance to pick the easier one but she showed us the harder one so I thought I would give it a go. There was a lot to do and I did forget everything as soon as I was on my own… I did have friends that helped me though and we pulled through. I really like the look of Peter Pan collars so I was really excited to be making one of these. I was even wearing one that day!
The second one was a Stand Collar. This one was super simple to do. It was really just a rectangle that we made have a curve.
The other one was a shirt collar. I was quite worried about this one because I knew what they looked like when they are flat so I was confused as to how I was going to draw this. It was fairly easier if you follow the instructions actually.
None of these were gone to be attached to a shirt so they had to be just sewn together and turned inside out.





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