Finished Shirt

I finally finished my shirt!

The last few pieces had to be added to my shirt today. The collar and the drawstring pieces were the last bits.n

The collar looked complicated again, but yet again I had already had a lesson on collars in my support module last Wednesday! The collar and to sew around the edges, then turned the right way, making sure to leave the neck edge open so that it can be attached to the shirt. Sew the side with the interface to the shirt. Then with the other side of it, fold it under itself and top stitch along there. I picked to do contrast colouring again because it looked nice last time and it could really well with the grey. The rest of the collar was also top stitched because then it matched the rest of it.



The drawstring channels on the side also needed to be added, and would be the last thing to be added! These needed two pieces of ribbon, a drawstring piece and a larger piece of cover that. The smaller piece is attached to the inside of the bigger one, either on its own or also with the shirt. Making sure you don’t sew into the smaller piece, sew along the side of the big piece, creating a channel for the small one to be pulled through. This had to be done 4 times and I was sure that I would muck up at least one of them and make them wonky or uneven. However, I actually didn’t! I was very surprised by that!



This is my finished shirt!




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