Module Reviews!

Module reviews!

Today was a module review for my studio module. All we really did was go through our folders and see how we are doing. This wasn’t too bad because I had done a load of work the week before so that I was totally ready for this! I did well in it as well so it did show.
Although I do have a couple more things that I need to do. I need to draw up the rest of my ideas so they look more technical and labeled. I also need to bring my technical file to a close, to finish what I can, I could also do some practical seams and hems to show all of the work that I did; to make it more technical!


Today we didn’t have an actual lecture, instead we leant about how to send our work online and to Harvard reference! It wasn’t too bad, it was also quite useful.
After that we had a chat about the reading that was set, Fashion and Art. I found this really interesting because it involved both fashion designers and artist and how they collaborated and worked together. I really like to read about the early fashion designers, one of them being Charles Frederick Worth. It is know as the ‘King of Fashion’. He was also the first person to ‘sign his clothes’ by putting a tag in it. This is similar to a painting having the artist signature, clothes with the label to for a lot more than they would without. I also liked the section about artists and fashion designers collaborating together. Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali was one of them, this happen during the surrealist movement. She started to use new materials like cellophane and glass which sounds really cool. Much like the work I actually did in my a-levels, I made my own set of wings out of leaves and a dress out of sweet wrappers.


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