Dress Making

Today I started work on my shift dress.
Last week we had module reviews on my support module and while we were waiting we had to design dresses that we could make for the next few weeks. We had to make sure they had a collar, pocket, zip and if you wanted, gathers and flares to make it less boxy. My dress has a striped contrast skirt with gathers all round the top, a moved shoulder dart, a pocket on the top, a Peter Pan collar ad any extras that will make it look nice.

In this weeks lesson we had to start drawing the pattern for our chosen design. This is really don’t like do, I’m just not very good at working out what is meant to go where… The simple part was that we had to start by drawing round the original shift dress block. Then we had to adjust it to how our design looked. The most complicated had to be moving the dart and adding flares, I did actually kind of remember how to do it, I just couldn’t really remember… Although, the part I’m happy about is that I remembered how to do a collar, I chose the simpler Peter Pan collar because I thought it would look better on a dress. I even helped my friend to draw one out! By the end of the day I got it all drawn out, for next week I just have to trace it and cut it out!


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