Today I started my first lesson on textiles design.

The first thing we did was look through our sketchbooks and the research that we should of done a while ago. I couldn’t actually remember all the work that I had done so I guess it was pot luck what showed up.
After that, we would making our own colour palettes, they I was very wary about because I’m not really that great with colour, I know what I like but I don’t know what goes well together. We had to start by picking a picture in out sketchbook and choosing the colours in that to make a colour palette. I chose a photo of a butterfly, I always really liked that picture, ( and it had the colour orange in it). After the colours were picked we were going through magazines to find samples of thee colours, there were also some samplers that we could cut up and use to make the finished palettes.

Actually making the colours was next, we used gouache paint to mix together the exact colour. This was harder than I thought because the paint colours are quite dark for what my palette colours are so a lot of white was used. The orange was the hardest to make… However, I did make I really nice candy floss pick which I am real,y happy about.


After lunch, we had a go at making patterns on photoshop. I was worried about this because I really don’t like using photoshop, I find it quite hard to use. We did have an introduction though so that we could get an idea of what we are meant to be doing. That did make it a fair bit easier, I can now make very simple patterns with circles. We also got taught how to do it with irregular shapes. I found that difficult because I could never think of a shape to do, and when I did they were just very simple. However, by the end of the day I did have the hang of it and I did make sound nice patterns, ( not as nice as some of the others in my class though…).


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