Print making

Over the last few weeks in my studio module I have been working with both paper and Photoshop to my different print.
For homework, we had to make up at least 20 different motifs. They had to be all drawn with a thick, black pen, that way it is easier to scan the into the computer. In class, we used these different motif to make more. We picked one that we liked then had a go at recreating them with different materials, that way when we have a go at creating a pattern we have a range of motifs to use.


My favourite patterns that a made were the flowers. I think that they look really nice when they are made out of ink and when cut out of black paper. After we had drawn them all, we had to photocopy the pages and use them all to create a pattern within a 50cm x 50cm square. The motifs had to overlaps the edge and they could be places anywhere and anyway we wanted. Mine was mainly made of different flowers, I really liked that idea because I had many of them to use.
After lunch, we went into the Mac suites and scanned the motifs into the the computers. That way, we can use them at a later day because they will all be on the desktop. Once they were all on there we put them all on photoshop and learned how to separate each picture and remove the background so the motif is the only thing that’s left. If we had done them all then we could start making some repeated patterns. One I really like is when I scaled the flowers down really small and repeated them all over.
I had a go at making more at home. I really wanted to have a go with some Paisley motifs that I drew.


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