Post-Modernist Fashion

This is a lecture that would help go towards questions 4, 8, 12 and 15 of the essay questions.

Postmodernism- after modernism, the opposites to the thing it is before 

1. Anti- modernity 
– anti-modernist – idealism, good taste/ bad taste, vulgar, kitsch, radical, garish, bricolage-lots of different things put together, deconstruction, pastiche
– anti-fashion – deconstructionist, Japanese designers, pattern making, cutting techniques, less than perfect finish, self mocking approach to the industry 
– anti-couture – punk, Vivien Westward, 

2. revival fashion/retro 
– bricolage, pastiche, unique, re-contextualise imagery, 
– post 50/60s 
This is my favourite section, I really love to wear old and vintage clothes.

3. Humour and context
– parody
– McQueen house
4. Technology and materials 
– digital, industrial materials 

PVC – Gareth Pugh
 Electronics, Hussein LED dress
Temperature clothes
Spray painted white dress fashio show

5. Be provocative and challenging 
– bad taste 
– Grace Jones 
– leigh Bowery, costume, uncomfortable, 
– Katherine Hamnet, used clothing for political messaginging with meeting with Margaret Thatcher, 
– Vivienne Westward, wearing no underwear at the palace 


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