Shift Dress

Over the past couple of weeks I starting making my shift dress!

The first thing I did was start on the skirt. It consists of 4 different coloured panels that are going to sewn together to make a striped skirt. The front and back are going to be sown as different sections so it will be easier to attached together. After the 3 panels were together, I sewed along the top with stitch 5 and pulled to make the gathers.
Before the gathers were attached to dress, I had to sew the shoulder darts together. This sounded a lot trickier than I thought it would be. But once I lined it up properly I wasn’t too bad. After that the gathers were then attached to the front of the dress. I like the amount of gathers because it isn’t too much and they don’t stick out when the dress is laid flat.
After that, I didn’t the same with the back panels. The back has been split into 2 so that I can fit a full zip down the back, that means that I had to do the back in 2 different sections.


After, I stitched the pocket to the top of the dress. I knew how to do this from when I made my shirt before. The trickiest part was trying to pick where to put it. I wanted to make it look perfect and I didn’t want it to get in to way of the dart.


The dress at the end of the session:



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