Nearly Finished

My shift dress is now nearly finished!

I did forget that I had done some top stitching along the gathers so I thought I had better to that before I did anything else and wouldn’t be able to get to it.

After that I moved onto the shoulders, I really wanted to put the collar on so before I could do any of that I had to sew it all together. That was pretty easy. The collar was tricky. The first thing was that it was actually too big for the neck, to sort that out I measured the length it was meant to be a cut one of sides down. It was still a bit too long but it didn’t look too bad and it was actually pinned on. One of the edges overlaps but I quite like it. The other problem with it is that the top stitching of it went a bit wonky.

At the end of the lesson I put the dress on a mannequin to see what it would look like. The sides still aren’t sewn together so it does look like more of a cape than a dress, but that will be sorted out next lesson.




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