Dress is finished

I finally finished my dress!!
It looks really good and I am very proud of it.

The first thing I did when back was to finish the collar. I had done most of what I need to do last lesson, I just needed to add a finish to the edge. For this I chose to do binding. At first I thought it was be really hard, you have to cut a piece of material on the bias of the material and steam it in quarters. The material is then sewn to that it folds over the ends and covers up the ends.
I also did the same for the sleeves. They are sleeveless and there wasn’t really a lot I could do with them. However, I think that the binding looks really nice!
The only things I had left to do were the hem and the side seam. I had done both of these before when I did my shirt so I did these pretty quickly.
The side seam had to been lined up perfectly so that the gathers fit together. I was hoping that this would work because the hem was a bit wobbly and didn’t exactly line up. However, that didn’t become a problem when I used the overlocker because it just cut off the excess material.

At the end of the lesson my dress was finally finished and I thought it looked really great!




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