Prints and prints!

Over the past few weeks, I have been using both paint and Photoshop to create different patterns and motifs.
A few weeks again we had to draw 20 different motifs, then when we were in class we had to redraw these motifs and use them to make one large 50×50 print. My one mainly consists of flowers and swirls.
After we had designed the print, we had a go at creating companion prints to go with them. These are small repeated patterns that are taken from our large pattern. They are very simple to make and I think they look really nice. We started them with gouache paints. We had to use the colours in our palette before to create the patterns.


My favourite pattern is the repeated rectangles that I took some the swirl patterns. I tested it in different colours and styles to see which one looks best.
After that, we tried doing them on the macs. This wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, we learned about most of the tools to use in earlier lessons. These patterns only really need to use the duplicate layer and merge done button to get everything in the right place.


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