Paris trip


This was my first day of the trip. I had to get up and meet at the institute at 6:30 in the morning! That was a struggle! However, I did make it and I wasn’t late. The journey was long, but I did sleep for most of it. We took the euro tunnel to get that, I was happy about that because I have been on it before and isn’t too bad or scary. It took us a few more hours on the other end of the tunnel to go get there. We also stopped at a petrol station in France. This would be my first time that I get to check if I remember any of French. And that was good because I could actually understand what was in the sandwiches. After another few hours on the coach, we finally made it to Paris! We also got to see our hotel, Mirific Hotel. The reviews of this didn’t sound too great but it wasn’t too bad really (depending on what side of the hotel you were on). The hotel rooms were quite small, my one was anyway. But the bathroom was really nice.
After we had settled in, we were meant to be going on a walk around the hotel so that they could show us the places around the hotel. On this walk, we saw many different shops, some being vintage which I was happy about.
After they got us to the fabric market, they let us go where we wanted. The fabric shops were really nice, and there were so many different materials. I really wanted buy some but the good ones we’re so expensive.




After that, we went for a look around. Right near the fabric market was the Sacré-Cœur. We didn’t know exactly what it was but it looked really nice so we fought we would go. The only problem with that was theat it was on top of 100 steps that we have to walk up. We did manage to make it though, after struggling a little, and it was totally worth it, there was an amazing view!

After the look it inside, we decided to go took for somewhere to eat. We found a nice little Italian restaurant that we stayed at and had pizza. After that, we had to try and found our way bac to the hotel. On our way, we decide to stop in some of the vintage shop and have a look around. Some of them were really nice, but they didn’t really have a lot in that I liked. After that we got lost… It took us about 2 hours to get back, and we asked pretty much everyone on the street how to get back. Somehow we finally made! That night we all slept well, we were all so tried from that walking. 


Today, we were going on at a walk round Paris. That way we can work our way round Paris and also get used to using public transport.

To get around, we used the metro. At first I was a bit worried about using it because it is meant to be similar to the tube in london and I really don’t like using that… However, the metro is so much better, it isn’t as busy and so much easier to understand. It is also cheaper, you only buy a certain amount of tickets that you will be using, rather than buying a single or day ticket. 

We stopped off at the Champs Élysées then changed to Concorde. We came out the metro straight out onto the tourist attractions, we walked round the corner and we could see the Eiffel Tower. 

For the day, we were meant to walk around the shops and checking them out. We started at the L’Eclaireur, had a look around, then had to follow the itinerary. We had a problem with that though… We couldn’t work out where we were and found it had to navigate around. We did get to see some nice shops though.

After being lost for over an hour, we finally found the Palais Royale. But by that point, it was quite late and we were hungry so we stopped off at a cafe to eat. 

While eating, I got a text from one of the teachers saying that we are not going to the museum that they originally said and we are going to a different one and that we have to make our own way to. This we were a bit annoyed at, but at least it helped us to understand where we were going a bit more. 

The new museum was called ‘The museum of History and Immigration’. To be honest, it didn’t sounds as great as the other museum, but I was still quite interested in going. A lot of the pieces had meanings behind them, some that didn’t original show bunt you had to look for. 

After being finished at the museum, we could make our way back to the hotel and get ready for the tour in the evening. I was excited for this because I got to see all the tourist attractions, and it is at night so the lights would be on. 

We started off driving around. But as we started to get closer, we could start to see some of the main attractions. The first one was the Acr De Triumph.

Then we got to see the Eiffel Tower, and even stop off and take pictures. It was nearly 8:00 at the time so we were just in time to see the light show happen. That was really great and I loved it. 

After the tour of the Eiffel Tower, we got back on the coach. We were asked if we wanted stop off at a restaurant that the teachers recommended, but w just wanted to get back to out rooms and chill so we didn’t go.


Today we were going to Premier Vision and Indigo.  

It was about an hours drive from our hotel, so it was nice to relax a bit (catch up on sleep). When we got there we had to wait on the coach while the teachers went in to get our tickets. We had pink lanyards with barcodes on them, it was nice to have a different colour compared to the orange ones for college. When we walked in it was huge! We didn’t know where to start! There were stalls everywhere that had garments and pieces made by the owner. There were different sections where they had different kinds of pieces. My favourite was the accessories and the designs.nwhat I liked abou the designs section is the fact that I could look at other people designers and how they did them. Some were very pretty and very different which gave me ideas for prints that I could do myself.

After we were finished there we made our way back to the middle of Paris. There’s was an exhibit of Sonia Delauney at the Museum of Art. We got the choice to go or stay. We decided to go back to the hotel because one of our friends was meant to be back there and we thought we could go pick her up. The only problem was that when we got back she wasn’t there anymore, she had gone to the museum to look for us. When we had all met up, we went out for dinner at one of the restaurant just outside the hotel. 


Today was the last day of being in Paris. We got to decide what we wanted to do today. As we got completely lost on the Wednesday when we followed the trail, we asked Gill if she would take us back. 

We all jumped on the metro again, off to Concorde. Once we got there we walked down a falimilar road, probably one that we got lost on. Gill pointed out a few shops that we thought we would check out. One was Collette. This shop was different to all the others, it shows more of trends that are going to happen rather than already following the trends. It had everything on there, ranging from books to makeup and clothes. People were even queueing to get in even before it opened. I found it really fun, it literally had anything and everything. I also bought a couple of souvenirs, a lipgloss shaped like chips for my sister and a banana pen for my friend. 

After we had finished we all tried to decide what we wanted to do. A coiled of us wanted to look for souvenirs to buy some friends and family so we split up. We decide that the best place for souvenir shops would be near the landmarks, so we went there. There we were plenty of shops and so much to choose from. I decide to buy lots of keyring Eiffel towers in loads of different colours. That way I didn’t have to think of lots of different things to buy everyone. 

The souvenir shop were opposite the gardens and that was another thing that we missed on the Wednesday so we went for a walk round there. I though it was really pretty. All the trees were lines up parfectly and you could walk round the parks. There was a play area in there and decided that it looked fun and wanted to go on it. After that we continued walking. Nearer the end there was a lake with seat round it. They all faced the land waked and made a great view.



After that, we walked back up to the shops and got some lunch, then made our way back to the hotel. We visited a couple of other shops on the way, just incase we wanted any more presents. When we got back to the hotel we walked up to SuperU to get some sweets and crisps for the ride home, then waited on the coach to get back home! 


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