Semester 2

Monday was the start of my semester two. They told us what we were going to be doing for the next few months.

Throughout the next months, we will be making a jumpsuit with inspiration from a time that we pick. To pick the different times, we took a little trip to Firstsite art gallery. Once we were there, we had to look at the different buildings that surround Firstsite.

Out of all the buildings, I chose the old Shoe World building from the 60s. I really like the idea of that time and my mum and dad are from them so I can ask them about it and get primary research. 

After that, we went inside Firstsite. There isn’t an exhibition on at the minute so it wasn’t very busy but that made it easier to look at the architecture. We had a PowerPoint showing us the making of the building and early design concepts. This was interesting becaus you could then see the making of the building and what the designer had to think about when making it. 

After that, we sat in the corridors and took picture of anything that we could draw or recreate. I really liked the pleated effect that the roof had so I tried to recreate it with different pieces of paper to see what worked best. I liked the tissue paper one because it holds it shape well but also looks quite delicate. 


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