Coco Crampton

The minority’s gallery 
Donkey rides, were book cases that held penguin books but now case lights
Mulberry tree within the studio, urban decay and environments 
Swings, leisure spaces, fairgrounds 
Passion wagon 
 8ft quilt, 
Lapdog, chair sitting on breeze blocks 
Interested in forms and ideas, 
Adolfo Luce, fire hoods of 50/60s 
Oversized magnets 
Sky rocket, reverent that communal making, the rainbow colours represent free and loving 
Woven textiles in her final show
Creeper, cork tiles creeping
hmmm, forms of communication, a place were people might come to meet and chat 
Bedding all interweaves 
Two person show
Steel structure, resembling dream catches 
Denim and tin cans, saw in a magazine on how to make a stool, first time she used it
Cassius clay
denim folk art reference 
Steel sheet and big bolts
Handles on romance and other girls also common tongue 
Title has 3 different parts, because of the 3 different parts of the gallery 
Multiply interpretations, interchangeable 
Handle on romance – strong accociation, handle being functional, romance- participation, social, 
And other girls – strong feminine accociation, needle work and such, female designers, nod towards them, Irene grey – influence for the denim screen 
Also common tongue – language, conversation, generic, fast food over fine dining, seats facing intentionally, 
Tin cans and demon again, can grow outwards or upwards 
Stockpiling, factory made and packaged
Durability, more desirable and high end, like fashion 
Banquet style takes, rainbow candles burned down at different levels, show the heated conversation 

Similar items in the other room but create s more private atmosphere, the chairs are facing different ways with shows the conversation, seats all the same colour, close knit friends that wear the same colours

Next room has booths, romantic setting, candles aren’t burned, 
Rug and denim show the cafe setting of it
Barbecue ish table, people circle round it 
Mounted wall table and seats, was functional but now ornamental. 


Source material – found materials, not starting from scratch, denim from a charity show near her in Norwich, found some nice and different details. 
Colour palette – likes pure colour, Impure colours, strong intensity, no 1 colour, the situations the room are in, orange seats next to the green nature outside, firery
Took a month to get the show together, woven mat was finished the day the gallery was opened, ceramic were made over a year, doesn’t have access to the studio all the time
Refers to herself as an artist, uses many different materials 

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