A couple of weeks ago I started a new support module in textiles. Throughout this module I will be learning different ways to dye and create patterns.

To start it all off this module, we had a go at drawing different patterns. To get inspiration we took a trip to the library, where we had to take out a couple of books with patterns that we like. I chose Indian Textile Prints and 19th Century European Textiles. I really liked these books because the patterns were pretty, however the European textile prints looked quite difficult to redraw but I really wanted to try.

The Indian print book was much simpler and I thought it would add a nice contrast. It also involved prints like Paisley so I was quite excited to reprint them.

All the drawings went in our sketchbooks, that way they are all together and easier to photocopy to create more. After we had plenty of prints, we had to 6 that we would like to expose on a screen.

Once we had finished our prints, we moved on to some dying. We were given a textile pack which included some cotton, wool and silk pieces. To start out the dying, we had a test of different times. We cut an edge off one of our cotton squares and tied a piece of string to it for dipping in the dye. The piece was dampened in warm water first then had to be dropped and left in the dye for 1 minute. After that it was rinsed and the end was cut to add to my sample. After that I had to dye it for 2 more minutes so that it added up to 3 minutes overall. Then 2 more minutes for 5 minutes. Then 7 minutes. Then 9 minutes. Then only 1 more minute so it rounded up to 10 minutes. 

After that we dyed the rest of our samples. We could leave them in for as long as we wanted because the longer it would be, the more intense colour it would have. The cotton had the choice of scarlet, orange and blue. And the wool and silk had yellow and purple.


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