More dying

Today, we were meant to be screen printing, however some of the screens didn’t work so we had to try something different instead. 

We had lots of different dyes that we could test out on our fabric that we dyed last week. That way we can have examples of the different types and on different colours. 


These are the different dyes. There is: clear discharge paste, illuminating acid discharge and procen dye paste. The clear discharge paste works like bleach, it takes any colour out. The illuminating acid discharge works like hair dye, the dye looks s bright colour to start off with, but when heated up it will change. The procen dye works like dye and can be put on anything. 

We started off with one stripe on each of the materials, but we had to keep swapping the dye because some could only be used on certain types of material. 

 The material had to pinned to the bottom paper so that it didn’t move. To do the stripes, I had to fold a piece of paper over the areas that we didn’t want to dye. I had to make sure that it was fully taped down because the paper would more than likely move or stick to the screen when pulled off. 



After we had one go at a stripe, we decided to try another one. That way we could layer up the stripes and see how they work together.  





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