For our essay, we had to pick a designer to mainly talk about. To show our knowledge and why we chose them we had to make a presentation on them. The title of my essay is ‘Postmodern art and design critiqued notions of originality and embraced consumer culture (or “kitsch”). Respond to this statement using examples’. The designer I chose for this is Moschino. I thought that it would be a good choice because of the humour and originality seen in his work.

  I chose this essay because I was really interested in the anti fashion side. The thing is really like is that the work is usually quite random and unique compared to the Elegant work of modernity side. One of the favourite themes is retro, I like to dress this way myself so I thought that picking something that I like would help.

 I decided to star with a mood board of different shows from Moschino, that way I can show a large range of that he goes for. I chose quite a few of his earlier works, like the spongebob, McDonald’s and Barbie fashion shows.  I also thought they were good examples of the consumer culture. The bottom right outfit was influenced by Olive Oyl, it was introduced when he brought out a new fragrance in 1988. The one next to it is the same outfit, however it made a new reappearance for the fairytale show that they did in 2006. 
Moschino really likes his quotes, they show what he thinks and feels about himself and other people. He likes to parody the people that buy the Moschino label. He likes to break free from the conventional fashion and destroy the myth that fashion must be original and serial. I really like the idea of this because it is exactly what I believe in when it comes to fashion. 


Moschino made clothes for people that like to use clothes as a form of self expression, he wanted people to project their personality through their clothing. He doesn’t want you to hide, he wants everyone to see it. 

Moschino Jean opened in 1986. I was the start of a store where people could buy the Moschino brand. I started as just jeans, as the name says, but moved onto other products. In 2008 it’s name changed to Love Moschino. The original audience for Love Moschino is younger people because the clothing is more afforable. I also uses print colours and patterns that would catch the eye of someone younger. You can buy from Asos.

 Moschino Cheap and Chic is another way of buying Moschino products. It debut in the A/W 1988/89 show of the same name. It is very much like the other shop except it is more high end. The clothing is more expensive and it looks it. It is audiences for slight older people than Love Moschino. It can be bought from Harrods.
 As well as clothing, Moschino is known for making wacky fragrances. The bottom on it the first one made. The top one is styled off of Olive Oyl. It was the reason that she was used in the 1988 fashion show, as seen earlier one in the slideshow. The right one is this most recent one. It debut in the recent ‘Mind the Bear’ show. It is meant to look like a cuddly teddy. It is wearing an iconic Moschino tshirt that says ‘this is not a Moschino toy’, showing the usual irony that Moschino likes to use. The morbid thing about it is that to use it you have to pull its head off. 

 Moschino likes to use whatever materials he wants to create anything wearable. The most iconic is ironic slogans on shirts. He uses phrases like ‘you wanted a Moschino t-shirt so here it is’, labelling the item of clothing, or even making a bag shaped like a shirt that says ‘this is not a Moschino t-shirt’. I find this amusing because really it is but it also isn’t. He has also made a cashmere jacket reading ‘rich bitch’, a t-shirt sporting a tv tuned to ‘Chanel no 5’ – which chanel sued, an organic bikini which was imbedded with grass seeds then watered so the grass grew through the fabric and a dress with a bow made of florist ribbon.

 Moschino really liked helping charity and was well known for his charity work. He helped raise funds for HIV- positive children. He once made a dress out of condoms to help raise funded, then he chose the current ambassador, Fiori Crespi, to model it. After he died they opened up a Franco Moschino Foundation where they earn money with him in mind. 


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