Print Screening 

Today we would finally have our screens to get on with some print screening of our patterns that we made a few weeks ago.

However, not all the screens were done so we actually had to do some of the screens in class. I actually didn’t mind that because they meant that I could see how it worked. I have always wondered how it is done because I had a few made for me in schools and college before. 


To start it off, I had to lay out all my prints on the screen, on the right side, so I laid them on top and could see them. I had to tape them to the screen so that they didn’t move. They also had to be cut evenly so that none of the paper overlapped. 

The screens were laid on the glass and the top was put on and clicked into place. A button was pleased and a vacuum was created to get rid of all the air. The glass was turned so that we could see all the patterns. After that we had to get out the room, ultraviolet light shines on the patterns and gets rid of the black sections (that’s why we had to make the black lines really dark, so it is harder for light to get though). The light is on for 10 minutes and then turned off. 

After that, the glass the glass is turned and the air is released. The screens had to be quickly taken out and rinsed with water. Then a power washer was used to shower the screen to make the pattern reveal. 


After that the screen is ready to use!


Most of my patterns turned out well. There was one where the line was too small for it to work but I still kind of shows. I’m really happy with the other ones though. 

I got chance to catch up with all the others that already has their screens. Using the dyed materials from before, I printed my patterns onto it. I had done print screening before so it wasn’t really new to me. 

The dye we were using was discharge paste so it was hard to see if it was actually printed or not when you lifted it. Because of that I was fairly sure most of my prints didn’t turn out. 



However, I didn’t actually know but they had to be put under heat for the bleach to take effect. For this we used the heat press to put them in. We weren’t really meant to be doing this because they created some really smelly fumes. I had never used the heat press before so I was really wary about using it, but after Helen showed me what to do I wasn’t too bad at it. Some of the prints tired out really great, my favourite is the cloud print because on the pink cotton it looks like candy floss. The silk one didn’t turn out as well as I thought it would, all the other patterns on silk came out really bright but mine didn’t do a lot.



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