Today I officially finished my jumpsuit! 

However, as I haven’t actually posted about my jumpsuit I though I would do a masterpost of everything I did so that it’s all together. 

As I was only doing the trousers of the jumpsuit, I only had to trace off the bottom half of jumpsuit block. That wasn’t exactly the hard but though. The design of the trousers is in a burst style so both the legs had to connect when sewn together. As the two legs have different patterns, I had to trace the front side then flip it over and draw it again, as you would normally do with asymmetric designs. However, that became a problem when drawing the pattern because I didn’t know what it would look like when finished.

After the drawing it came the cutting out. Every piece I had to label with numbers and what leg it was for because by the end I had 20 different pieces that I had to pin. For the fabric I chose blue and striped. When putting the pieces on the fabric, I chose to cut the stripes in line with the burst because I thought it would add a nice effect. However, it did create more of a challenge for myself.  The blue wasn’t too bad because it did have any stripes and was plain.



After the front was cut out, I had to cut back out. I didn’t want to back as busy as the front so I just made the two different sides as the two different patterns. That way it would bring all the pieces together. 


After that I was ready to start sewing! I decided that the best thing would be to start on the front as it is the hardest part.

This first thing was the darts at the top of the trousers so that it would fit around the waist. 


After that all the pieces were seen together. This was easier than I thought it would be as the hardest part was trying to find the piece to sew next. 




After the pattern was all done I could move on and sew the back pieces too. That wasn’t too hard because it was a seam down the middle. When that was done I could sew them two together. That was just a single seam again. 

The cuffs were next. I didn’t exactly know how to do them so I did look it up online. However, the way they were doing it seemed too difficult because they were stretching the elastic then sewing it. I couldn’t do that because I had really thick elastic and would be too hard to stretch and sew. Instead, I folded the bottom of the trousers to the size of the elastic and sewed it. I left a gap at one end so I could thread the elastic through it. The elastic was sewed together when it got through the ends then adjusted so it was covered up. 


The top and bottom could be sewed together then because each piece was done! The top was slightly too big so we put some pleats in it. But it wouldn’t show anyway because we were hopefully putting a peplum/skirt over it.


What I like is how the top and bottom stripes actually line up. We weren’t actually doing for that in the first place so it was a surprise. 

The peplum was cut and overlocker around the edges by Becca but I was the one to sew it to the jumpsuit. I folded the top over and sewed it. That way the top and bottom stuck out around the edges. Because of the material it also gathered up a bit more that we expected but I quite liked it. 


The zip was the last thing to do! It was to be an exposed zip because it is quite large and its gold so I thought it would go with the gold peplum. The two back edges were overlocked then the zip was pinned in. It was sewed all the way down the bottom then it was finished! 



I am really happy with it and think it looks really great! 


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