Screen Painting

Today we were learning a new process, how to paint on a screen.m

It was fairly simple, and it only really involved using different dyes and lots of creativity. 

We started off by getting a large screen and placing it in a table so that the side that is usually facing the material is faced up towards me instead. That way, when it is ready it can be printed down. We had a choice of many different coloured dyes and lots of different pieces of equipment to try and create different shaped and markings. 

 I started off by jousting using a paint brush to make swirls and then started to mix different colours in. But then started to use pieces of cardboard edges to create lines and also scraping it across the screen to make it fade. I also used a little jar to make circles and something with a wide brim to create the larger circles at the bottom. One of the best items to use would be the fork. It was hard to get the hang of because it doesn’t take in the dye like the cardboard it paintbrush. It could be dragged around to create a lined effect for make a scratchy effect. 

My favourite is the patterns where the colours are mixed together. Throne don’t with the frayed paintbrush makes it look like a field of flowers because the different colours are peeking out from behind the green. 

After we were finished painting we had to use the hairdryer to make use that it was fully dry before me printed it on the cotton. 

We flipped the screen over on to a piece of cotton big enough to fill the screen then used manutex to put the dye out and print it out. 

My screen wasn’t pinned to the table so when it was printed through it moved and creased a little but I actually like the effect because it has broken but the larger blue dyed area. I like the effect after because it is a lot more vibrant than it was in the screen which was a nice surprise.  


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