Experimental textiles

As we have learnt what we need to know to do print making, we had been given the chance to start experimenting and making our own patterns.

To start off my print, I decided to paint dye some patterns. This was my favourite thing to do and would like to do it again. 

I decided to try and do some different patterns than I did the week before, that way it is more experimentation. I favourite object from last week was the fork so I really wanted to incorporate it in some patterns. I also wanted to use more of a range of colours which is why many of them have more that one colour. I really liked using the fork laid flat because it looked like a flower.

For homework, I had to plan out what I wanted to do for the next week. That way I’m not sitting around for half an hour wondering what to do and can just right into my work. My plans for next week are to use the for for, to make proper flowers, and to experiment more with mixing colours. 


 This shows I to he patterns that I did as well. My favourite is the flowers, they came out very clean and look very much like flowers. Some the large prints didn’t actually come out too well. That might have been my screen choice because it was wonky and didn’t lay flat. I do quite like them though and hopefully they will be a good base for some of my final patterns. 


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