Jumpsuit Finally Finished

The jumpsuit is finally finished! It is ready for the fashion show on Friday! 

I forgot the jumpsuit on the Monday so me and Becca had to come in on the Tuesday and make some alterations so that it was wearable for the fashion show. The main things that had to change were the arm holes, the neck and the gold peplum. 

We started by unpicking all the seams that needed fixing. The arm holes were the first ones to sew. I overlocked the raw edges and folded it over the length of the overlock and sewed it under. 

The neck was next. It originally had a v-neck, but we we had to open it up more because no one could get their head in it. I never really liked it when it was rounded so I had the idea to make it a v-neck again. I cut down the edges into more of a straight line and overlocked them. I folded over the overlooking and sewed it down. 

The peplum had to have some serious work done. The edges kept fraying and it looked the sewing looked messy so we took the whole thing off. Becca worked on the peplum while I did the rest of the jumpsuit. She overlocked the edges again then folded them over and sewed them out of view. It looked much neater and you couldn’t see the overlocking like before. The outing it on was done differently too. We folded over the top part and made. Couple of pleats, that way it fitted perfectly round the waist. 

I am really happy with how it has turned out and I’m an excited to see it being worn in the fashion show.



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