Personal Development Plan

I started this course because I have always been interesting in art from a very little age and has been something that I knew I wanted to get into. In year 10 I chose Art Textiles instead of Art and my priorities changed then. I found something that I liked doing and knew that I wanted to do.

I chose this course because I thought that it would help me move onto the next step for my future plan. I also thought that it would give me new experiences and skills that I can use. I was told that this course is very good so I was looking forward to starting it.

I joined this course not knowing what I actually wanted to do with my future so I went in with an open mind. However, I knew that I favoured  fashion construction was something that I was interested in but never had the chance to carry it out before and so was hoping that it would be involved in my first year.

Over the start of the year until now, I have really enjoyed all that I have done. My favourite out of all of it would be the fashion construction. I started it in my support module where I learned to sew seams, hems, collars and zips. I have found that valuable to my course and also outside of lessons. Throughout the year I have made a dress, a shirt and a jumpsuit. All of these were very successful and I am happy with the outcome of them. The jumpsuit was the most complicated, what with over 20 pattern pieces, but it turned out to be a success, except for some of the lines that didn’t match up. This can be improved in the next few years when I will be working on more pattern making for projects.

Textile design is something that I thought I wouldn’t be interested in; however once I started my support module I found that I started to like it more. Print screening was a process that I was already familiar with so to use it to actually make my own prints and patterns was inspiring.  I had never used Photoshop before but I had used other editing programs so I didn’t get on well with it in the first place, but once I started my print collection in the second semester I knew what I was doing and could work my way round it to create some interesting pieces.

I am excited to finish this year and to start my next one. Over all that I have done in this year, I feel that fashion construction is something that I would like to go into in the future. I have already started to perform alterations to others and my own clothing. I have also made my own wearable pieces. This experience will go towards any future I want in fashion construction and sewing.


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