First Day Back

Tuesday was my first day back at Uni!

The day was really only about enrolling and finding out what we will be doing for the year.

The first thing was just catching up over the summer and getting yummy biscuits to eat :P.

Enrolment wasn’t too bad, although I did have a few problems because of the last name but other than that, it went quite smoothly. I also got a new card and picture which I’m happy about because I didn’t like my last one.

After that we had a chat about our new project. We are doing the diversity challenge like last year, however unlike last year where they did age, we are going gender. We will be looking at gender in clothing and and unisex pieces. I think this project will be interesting because unisex clothing has been on the rise within the past year and there will be a lot to research about it and I am looking forward to what I find out about it.


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