On Wednesday we had inductions to get us back into the swing of work and to remember the rules of the rooms.

My first induction was in the print room. We were making pockets to go on our aprons that me made in our inductions last year. I don’t actually use my apron because it is too big for me so I was just creating pretty pattern. I’m not very good at the textiles side so I just tried to do some very simple work. I chose a pattern that made it look like it was snowing when I print screened it, then used flocking to cut out a snowflake.

For my second induction I was in the machine room, where I feel much more confident. We were given a checklist of tasks that we had to do. They were only small things like thread the machine, do a reverse stitch and so on just so we could remember how to do things. We also had to sew a couple of things to test ourself.


This is my gathered sample.


This is my corner stitch with top stitching sample.

ย IMG_1573

This is my curve stitch sample.


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