PDP and Essay

This week my Monday lesson was mainly about an introduction to our PDP and essay topics.

We started with a lecture from Gill in the lecture hall, talking about what we will have to do in a general sense. After that, we then went up stairs and spoke about what we will have to do for our essays.

This year our essays are different, we don’t have to pick a title from a list of pre-written ones. Instead, we have to choose our own title. The original title is ‘A Personal Philosophy’. From that we have to write about something that we care about, about how we work and what we do. It will consist of 3,000 words and we will also have to do a presentation focusing on 2-3 artist/designers that we will focus on in the essay.

To get us started we had a chat about designers that make us smile and that have an impact on the work.

Shrimp- doesn’t use real fur
Vivienne Westwood
Christopher Raeburn – eco friendly fashion
Stella McCartney – ethical fashion
Victor and Rolf
American Apparel – brings out 1 collection every year

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