The Politics of Price

Gill gave us a little article that she told us to read. The title is The Politics of Price.

The article talked about a lot of statistics in prices of items that have gone up over the last few years. Some of them quite shocked me actually. ‘The price of a Chanel quilted handbag had increased by 70% since 2009. Over the same period, a Cartier Trinity gold bracelet rose 48% in price, and, in 2013, Vuitton raised the price of its monogrammed Speedy bag in America by 15%, making it 32% more expensive than in 2009.’

I original thought that was really steep because that is a lot more money than they used to be, but if people are going to buy them then there is a reason to put the money up. However, that can then be a problem for the lower people that then can’t afford that. It is creating more of gap between the richer and poorer people.

However, one single people can’t change the way that the global economics works, but I can buy knock-offs and cheaper versions. I don’t need to afford those items if I’m happy with something that I can get on the high street that can look similar to it. If you can save money then you might as well.


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