During reading week, we had a list of things we had to do before we came back. One of them was to pick a muse that we inspire us in our fashion work. They had to help with the designing of our collection and to do with our brief on gender.

I chose Ruby Rose. I originally picked her because I always liked her androgynous fashion style, however as I read more into her I found out how she became this people and had this style. The gender that she like to refer to herself is gender fluid, which means that she doesn’t feel like she is either and can alternate them. When she was younger she always felt like she wanted to be a boy, however she never when through the transition, she just accepted herself as who she was the older she got. There was one interview that she did and she talked about how one day before school she decided to cut all her hair off and act like hoe she wanted, but because she was different she got bullied because of it. Boys her even sayingย “Look at you, you’re disgusting” โ€ฆ if I talked back, a few times I got hit by guys. They’d say, “I would never hit a girl, but you’re not a girl.” This really hurt me because she couldn’t be who she feels she is because of other people. As she got older, she has been able to be who she is and even be praised for it.

I also found a video that she did called ‘Break Free’. The video is about transition, and changing from one gender. I found it really interesting because she starts of very feminine; long blonde hair, putting on make up; then it all changes as she cuts it all off and gets rid of the make up and her tattoos starts to show. At the end, she looks very masculine, but she looks happy! It’s who she finally feels she is!

From all this research, I decided that for my gender concepts would be using both genders in one item hopefully. I tried to brainstorm some ideas, half and half, a mixture, even adding transgender pieces into it. However, none of them really stood out to me. Then I decided to look at really feminine clothes and really masculine clothes. To help with that, I chose some fashion collection. The feminine one wasย Ines di santo S/S 16, she has some really beautiful wedding dress designs, and my masculine one was Ralph Lauren A/W 13, it has a lot of tweed suits that look very vintage British. From looking at these, I have finally got a good idea for a final piece. I am going to mix both the suits and dresses together into one.


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