Tania Bines, Design manager for Paul Dennicci

Paul Dennicci is know for designing and making baby clothing up to 2 years.

They are manufactured in China and India, designs done at malden.

They have taken 4 graduates from CI in the past few years. It is 12-18 months of learning on the job.

George concept
16 versions were made for customer
They had to get approval from Disney because the designs used Winnie the Pooh.
Make sure to make clear instruction for the oversea manufactures, they don’t speak english so it needs to be translated well so they understand what they need to do. All the fabric details need to be put down so they fully understand what they are using.
Make sure sample looks great when showing the concept to buyers so they want to buy it
Make sure it is ready when it need to be,
Think about international holidays, Chinese New Year, they workers get a month holiday off so there would be no production at that time.
Get it into store in time, if it’s late then we will loose money and miss buyers.
It is useful to know how to put a garment together, it makes it easier in the design process because you know how it fits together and where to put the details that will work.
All the poppers need to be tested so that they all fit and stay together and won’t come off when being worn by a customer.
Needle policy, shut everything down so they can find the whole needle, if not found then everything in they row are destroyed.
Back neck buggys- making sure it looks good on the hanger
Making small touches they don’t cost a lot of money but add value to the garments.
The Industry
It can be hard to get into this industry, make sure to keep in contact with the industry. No one is job ready to start off with.
Illustrator is very important and it is best to learn it while you can. All the industries use it and they prefer someone that already knows how to use it than to teach someone to use it.
Make sure to have an updated cv, put all the work/designing I have done between being in education and unemployed so that it shows I am interested in the industry. Get creative with the CV, attach pictures and designs, make it interesting and stand out.
Look on the Internet
Printed media, magazine, drapers,
Maybe get in contact now,
get a placement
Work experience
Having a job throughout uni
Being job ready
Biggest baby wear supplier in the uk
38 million turnover
Lose 1-2 designers a year
Big brands – George, tescos, sainsburys Morisons, next, mother care, Matalan, pound land, bhs
Licesnced work – Disney, Warner brothers, mr men and little Mrs, just got star wars
Companies make movies so that they can make good merchandise
Cotton they use has to come from a source that can be backtracked, knowing what field it was picked from. This puts 10% on the price of the garments.
Need to know what factory, where it was printed, where everything is coming from and can be tracked back, good pay, no children working, medical pay.
‘How many people that have done internships that have got a job out of it?’
Be prepared
I found this chat really useful, it was all based not the industry that I would like to go into and had a lot of information in things that wouldn’t even know about unless  was already in the industry. It has really helped me to be prepared in going into it after I have finished and what I will be doing.

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