Illustrator Skirt and Shirt

This week on Illustrator, we were starting to move on to more advanced items of clothing.

We started with a flared skirt.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 18.43.19.png

I actually quite liked making this skirt. It involves a lot of manipulation because you make a zigzag line then you have to adjust them so they curve. The first time I did it it didn’t work to well, but with a bit of practice it looked better. We also learned to make movement lines and added a new profile to the lines so that it looks more like they are blending into the fabric and aren’t static. After I had made the skirt, I decided to have a go at making the back of it as well. The only difference I made was adding a zip. I did that by making a zigzag line then layering another on top of it.

After we finished the skirt, we starting the making of a shirt.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 19.29.11.png

The start of the shirt was very similar to the skirt. We had to mad movement lines to it again which I found easier this time as I had done it on they skirt earlier. The collar was the next bit. I thought it would be quite hard as I would have to get the right shape, but I don’t think it looks to bad. The only other thing is adding the top stitching, which I already know how to do from earlier projects.

Next week, we are going to finish the rest of the shirt.


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