Making myself a monster – Lisa Temple-Cox

She chose to look at anatomical specimens.

– their normal but abnormal

Recognise them as being human
Racial identity
She came from a mixed race family
Malaysian family and boarding school
Moved to Essex
Stricter lines between reality and fantasy in Essex compared to Malaysia
Body worlds exhibition VonnHargen
Preserving the body
Pre photography preservation techniques – in jars
Fragonard museum
Using wax
Leonardo di Vinci
Drawings of the anatomy
Andreas verseas
First to publish drawings from life
An engraving of a baby in a womb
Would take engraving of illnesses and would paint them to get the colour and idea about what it looks like
Anatomical venuses
A beautiful woman that you could open up and look inside
Would have floating surgeon hands
Can sense their personalities in their faces
Started making casting of her face
Unhomely feeling – taking out of the home and putting in jars
Conjoined twins – joined at the chest
Could put the babies in jars on display but they had drawings of them
Putting her head into different fluids in jars
Most famous death cast
Killed herself in the seine
Would take death casts so loved ones could come and see if they recognised the body
She was used to practise the kiss of death and is the most kissed girl in the world
Then tried a plaster cast
People started to talk about her rather than to her when her face was a covered
Looked a bit like an alien
Starts to look more like a death mask, even though she is alive still
Wine, urine, milk, control jar had no head but just water
Blood head
Mapping the remains
Creating drawings of things in museums
Connections between field work drawings
The lecture- Lisa Temple-Cox
– research – primary research,
photographs- flat memory, stored in the camera and not developed, instant
– Identity – cultural identity,
– Analyse – judgement, clothes, hair, ‘fashion’, face,
– made it personal,
Feminism, psychoanalysis, philosophy,
How people use fashion – trivial or live by it
People really think about what they are going to wear each morning, people that just throw on whatever because they don’t care what they look like
Using something that you like to help get information and ideas – the hunt and they’d long legged ant
Using your history’s to help with your philosophy – fay’s Scottish heritage, a tailor in the past
Your personality comes through in your sketchbook, messy vs neat
Genius/lunacy – Avent Garde, contemporary fashion designers
Hussein Chalayan, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westward, Victor and Ralph, Paco Robanne,
Death masks,
Having a face makes it easier to relate to,
Welcome institute
Develops fabric technology
Medical themed
Welcomes innovative technologies and designs
To understand
To be inspired/ to then aspire
Reason – to answer
In our nature
Utilising knowledge and understanding
Social media

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