Feminism and visuality – Jeremy Spencer


Gender was a way of organising culture and society
Social, political and cultural society – fluid
Biological and physical differences
Impress women and empower men
Women as sex objects
As seen in Magazines and adverts
Sarah Maple, photographs



Showing the way that men think of women
Campaigning to stop rape culture and victim-blaming
Police officer and Toronto blaming the women and what they are wearing
‘Yes means yes and no means no’
Reduce women to breeding machines
Rape – brutalise and humiliate women
Women are more natural then men, closer to nature
Control over their bodies, abortions, birth control
Using medicine to escape pregnancy
Karl Marx 
A women’s image is appropriate as a commodity to be consumed
Matisse– a painter and his model
Reversed to model and representation
The male painter is nude and the model is clothed
Jackson pollock, one 
Women, the negative space, splattering it, covering it
Judy Chicago, the dinner party
Celebrating and empowering women
Break the taboo, menstruation
Mary Kelly, postpartum feminism document
The separation of mother and child
Hans Bellmer,
Photographed a life size mannequin in the form of an adolescent girl
The female body is meant to be perfect so men don’t get scared
The oblique look, Robert doisneau
A couple stop to look at a painting in a window and taking to her husband, except he is looking away at a picture of a naked woman, we can’t see the picture she is looking at so it doesn’t matter. It’s a little joke about the woman,
Dior, advert
The woman is looking back at the male gazer

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