Cutting out

Yesterday, I finally got around to cutting out my pattern pieces from the fabric.

This is my pile of pieces to be cut out of the gold fabric.


And these are the pieces from the blue fabric.


I did’t actually get a picture of the pieces on the gold fabric but I didn’t have very many of them to do so it wasn’t too bad. However, I did have the whole of the shirt to be cut out of the blue fabric so I did that first. As the skirt is very big, it didn’t actually all fit on the fold of the fabric, so I had to change the shape of it so it was slightly thinner. After that I cut the res of the pieces out. As this fabric is very thick, it really aches you arm when cutting it.


After that, I had to start on the pieces for the ruffles. To make them more manageable, I cut them in shorter lengths. That way I won’t have long strips to sew at a time and there will be breaks in the ruffles.


I decided to create a gradient in the ruffles, so that they increase in size the lower they are. I started with 6cm then 8cm then 12cm then 18cm.



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