Dress Design Change

Over the last couple of week, my dress design has started to take a new change. I was told that it wasn’t big and interesting enough so I started to research on wedding dresses again to try and any new ideas.

The designer that I looked at for the wedding dresses was Ines Di Santo. Her dresses really inspired me because the spring/summer 2016 collection has such a large range of different style dresses that it helped he get an overview of the ideas I could put towards my own.

The ones that really stood out to me was the Breeze dress. I doesn’t look like a typical wedding dress and I thought the skirt of it was very interesting. I thought that this was  big enough change to my dress to make it a lot more intreating, however probably a lot harder though.



This is my final design concept. The top of the dress is very much similar to what it was originally, with the contrasting dress shirt idea. However, the skirt has taken a different approach. The idea is that it is a high low circle skirt covered in ruffles (but it doesn’t actually look like that in the picture). to make the stop part of the dress a little more interesting, I added some more panels, the idea is that it’s meant to look a bit like lingerie.


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