Fashion Construction of Dress

A couple of weeks ago I started the construction of my dress. I started with a basic dress block because that would help me to get the shape of the top dress. The skirt and dress are going to be on the same block because then they will fit together well and be easier to visualise and draw together. The block was only drawn up to the waist because they rest of it would be the circle skirt.IMG_1714

This is the start of the lingerie shape on the dress. I had to free hand this part so I could get the perfect shape.IMG_1715

The other panels were then drawn on. So were the collar and tie of the shirt.IMG_1716

On the back of the dress I had to work out where he dress would end and the shirt would begin, and that it would correspond with the front as well.ย IMG_1717IMG_1719

The sleeve and cuff were next. I had to lose the dart in the sleeve so it was straight up and down. And then I had to design the cuff. I measured the amount of cuff that I would like to show, then used the measurement of the wrist to work out the length.


The only part left was the skirt. To make this I had to work out the measurement of the waist and make that into a circle. From the circle I had a long line of the measurement of the back and the front of the skirt. As the skirt is so long (I took up and entire table) I had to do half the skirt on the fold on the paper instead. That would also make it easier to make the big curve from the front to the back.ย IMG_1723IMG_1724IMG_1725IMG_1726


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