Lots of Gathers

Over the christmas holidays, I took home my pattern pieces and thought I could get to work sewing so that I had something to bring back. The main thing that I wanted to do was complete my skirt.

To start the skirt, I had to start gathering the long strips of fabric that I cut out. To gather I started by sewing a line along the top of the fabric. Leaving a long string on the end, I pulled the string until it I was happy with the amount of gathers. I had to use a strong thread because the thinner ones would snap when they were pulled because the fabric was so thick.IMG_0062IMG_0064IMG_0065

Once I had gathered all the pieces in that size, I then had to pin them in circles from the skirt. I started with the smallest size, then increased in size the lower on the skirt it was until I reached the end.




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