Top of Dress

In my first lesson back after the christmas holidays, we were given a whole lesson to continue sewing our final pieces. In this lesson, I started to work on the top part of the dress because I finished the lower part at home.

For the top part of the dress, I started with the darts. After that, I had to piece together the different sections because there were three on each side. After that, I sewed the darts on the bust section. That was fairly simple, the harder part was lining up the darts and steams with the lower section so they wouldn’t be out of place. Once it was sewed, it thought that it looked really good because it lined up perfectly. After the front was done, I just had to do the darts on the back of the dress. I then left these pieces so that I could work on the top most part.

The first part of the shirt that I worked on was the tie. Because it is a sheer material I had to do a french seam. I sewed the two section together from the wrong side, and then folded it half and sewed back over it from the back so that the raw edges are encased within themselves.

I then did the dart on the piece that the tie would be connected to. These darts were easier to do because the fabric was thinner, but it was slipping out of place a lot. The first time I did it, the machine caught on some of the loose strings and ripped it. I had to cut another one out and do it again.

I then sewed the tie to the shirt. I had to do another french seam, which I thought would be a good idea because the black fabric frayed very easily.I did the same on the other side of the tie.

I then had to sew the collar on to the rest of it. The collar was a larger than the area that it was meant to go in so it was difficult to line it up properly. I had to get Louise’s help pinning it up and she drew a dot that I had to sew to so I turn it easily and get a neat corner. I couldn’t do a french seam on this section as it would prove too difficult, so instead I did a fake french seam by trimming the raw edges very small. I did the same on the other side of the collar, but I did it on my own instead.



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