Museum visit 

Over the Christmas Holidays, I decided to go to London to look at some of the exhibition that would be helpful for some of my projects.

I decided that the V&A would be the best place for me to look. I thought that the fashion and textiles hall would have a lot of the inspiration that I could use. I was also going to go to the Fabrics of India exhibition, but it closed the day before I went. This hall has a wide range of different clothing from different eras and times. I initially wanted to look at the older 1800/1900 dresses, as I thought they would be inspiration for my drawing module. I thought they were very useful because of the details that were put into the dresses back then: the pleating, boning, ruffles, ribbons. I also looked at the mens clothing from then too, this would be helpful for my feminine/masculine experiments. I even found a section on weddings, which would be perfect for my drawings because they have been centered around wedding dresses.

After, we had been to the fashion and textile section, I decided that I wanted to drawing hall because there might have been some artists that I could look at. I found a few lino prints that I thought looked similar to some of my drawings. This is probably because of the think black lines like my ink drawings.



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