Shop Report – Harrods



87-135 Brompton Road

When I first walked in, I was in the make-up section. The had all the big, well known brands right next to the door. The first one that I saw was MAC, which is a very popular brand. The inside of shop was quite crouded, there were many stall in each hall and different companies right next to each other. The windows outside were quite plain, they were showcasing sportswear. However, there was an interactive part of it when you could press the button and lights would turn on. When I went to the jewellery department, it was very bright and shiny, much like what they were selling in this section. They made it look very expensive.

Harrods is more of a department store than anything, everything is in there. When we walked in we got to see the makeup department. After that, we walked through a door to the accessories, mainly designer handbags and jewellery. After that it led to the food hall, this was proabably my favourite part. It had sections where people could buy food to eat, and also parts where buy food and gifts. We also went upstairs to see what was there, furniture and ornaments. They had a section where they showcased a selection of artist and designers and their work.

The sections that I went in were mainly female based. The stalls were kept quite gender neutral, it was just the products that were gender orientated.

A lot of the people that were walking around the shop were just visitors or just interested in the shop, much like me. From what it looked like not many people that were there were actually going to buy something. There was a large range of people, young and old, looking around.



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