The Finished Dress!

As I had pretty much finished the all the top parts of the dress last week, it was time to start doing the bottom half and sewing it all together.

For sewing the shirt and dress together, I didn’t want to fold it in and sew the raw edges together. I thought it might end up too bulky and uncomfortable on the inside. Instead, I kept the raw edge of the dress and sewed the shirt from the inside. I thought the raw edge would keep in theme with the rest of the dress because all the ruffles have raw edges. I did some blue top stitching over it. I did the same with the back of the dress and shirt. I then did the shoulder seams with french seams.

To start the sleeve, I did the elbow dart. I then lined up the sleeve with the shoulder seam of the dress. It was a little hard to line up because the sleeve was a little too small, however after a lot of moving it around it finally fit. One the shoulder was done, i could then do the side seam. I did the arm and the dress in one long line so that it all connected.


After all the top part of the dress was finished, I could work on getting the dress on.I started by laying the whole of the dress on a table. I worked out where the middle of the skirt was and cut down into it so that I could fit the zip in. I then had to fit the skirt in with the top. The skirt was bigger than the top part it was fitting into, so i had to made some large pleats in the skirt until it fit in. This did make it very hard to sew because the folds were very thick and the sewing machine wouldn’t go though them very well. However, it did in the end and it all lined up well.


Once the dress was all together, i could then get the zip in. I lined up the zip, one side at a time, and fitted it in at the top. I used an exposed zip so that it didn’t have to be sewn under the gold fabric because you would be a blue zip under it. Once one side was fitted in, I then fitted the other one in, making sure that it lines up.

And the dress was finally finished and ready for the photoshoot tomorrow!


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