Drawing Processes Sketchbook


I started off by looking at a dress that my sister has. I had a lot of tulle and netting in the skirt so I thought it would be perfect to draw with my theme of wedding dresses. I started off using a white pencil to sketch it out. I thought it would help me get some depth in the many layers, however I think it looks too hard and too light to understand that. I think it makes the drawing look boring because the colour is dull and doesn’t stand out enough. However, that could be expressing the material because tulle is very thin and once it is layered together it does become hard to see.IMG_0011

I decided to move onto ink afterwards. I used a yellow ink. The yellow was very vibrant went it was used on it’s so I used it for the swirls of the lower part of the dress. I thought that the colour would be too bright of the ret of it so I decided to wash it out a bit with water. I don’t like the big contrast between the two sections and I don’t think they work well together.

The next was a pastel pencil. My initial thought is that this will work really well because it comes out very light and can be blended. I had a white pencil and yellow pencil. I started by using the yellow pencil to get the structure in, however I think that the intensity of it is too bright. I tried to used the white pencil to blend it out more, but it didn’t really work and some of the lines are blended out too much.


I used a watercolour pencil for the next drawing. I thought that it would create a nice effect because I would be able to blend and wash out the lines that I want and after I have drawn them. When the pencil was washed over, it made the colour a lot more intense and some of them blended too much. I like the way that they fade after a while and have a watery effect.

I wanted to use some more materials that were a little different. I decided to some green tea. When it was first drawn on it was very hard to see and I couldn’t tell where I already drawn. I was pretty much blind drawing the whole thing. However, once it was drying the lines started to become visible. I really like how it came out because the swirls have created a very nice depth where some are darker than others. Some of the lines look too washed out but I do like how watery they look. They started to look like Petra Dufkova’s work because they watery, dripping effect like in her ink paintings.


I wanted to create some 3d work when I got bored of drawing the same drawings. I got some sheets of tissue paper and layered them together. The idea was that they were meant to be the layers of the dress. I then drew the shape of the dress on each sheet. I didn’t draw too much so you could see the other drawings beneath it and it didn’t look to cluttered. I really like the effect it has created because it really does look like layers on a dress with the different creases and you can see through it.


I then moved onto my masculine pieces. I decided to used black ink for all of these because it creates so hard lines that I think represent masculinity very well. My first one was more of a linear drawing with thinner lines. This was sort of a practise to see what I could do with the ink and how the shirt would come out. I like how it looks but it makes it look very plain and simple, which is not the effect I am going for.

After that I tried a different effect. I went for more of an abstract part of the shirt by scrunching it up more. I went for more of a scratchy effect with the lines rather than keeping them too linear. I think it shows the creases more and makes it look very messy. I tried to create a depth in the picture by using water to blur it and show the darker patches.


I continued with this effect but with a different part of the shirt. I thought that if I did recognisable parts of the shirt then it would be easier to see what is going on. I like the way that the collar really stands out compared to the washed out lines of the creases.

The one after that I chose to draw the pocket. I like the way that the pocket came out but I really don’t like the washed out parts of it. I think it looks far too messy and I don’t like how it sticks out in different directions. However, it unintentionally look more like Petra Dufkova’s work because it looks very drippy and watery.


This was the last one on the shirt that I did. With this one i tried to go for a more abstract idea. I chose a part of the shirt that isn’t very recognisable and harder to see. I also did a lot more washed out parts. I like how they turned out because they think of yellow tinge to them which makes them look different to the darker lines of the shirt and makes it easier point them out.


I start to move onto real wedding dresses. There was one in the vintage cupboard so I used it to get some drawings. I started to looked at the small decorations that it had round the neck and waist. As ink was my main choice for my last piece, I decided to use it again. However, the darkness and the roughness that it creates works good with the shirt but it doesn’t work well with the dress. It doesn’t create a softness that you would feel with a wedding dress.

I still wanted to use the ink, but instead of it being too intense I washed it out with water. I prefer the softness and the lightness of it now, it starts to feel much more feminine and dress-like. I started to look at the smaller details on the dress, as well as the creases and decorations. I like the contrast between the big brushstrokes and the small delicate ones. I took some of the inspiration from Katharine Asher, she used ink in per pieces and most of the have small details in them.


I decided to move onto using different material again because I really liked the effect of the tissue paper. It always looks so delicate and silky. As the pen didn’t work too well on the paper last time I did it, i decided to use bleach instead. I would be harder to create a depth in the picture which I thought would be a problem but I had a go anyway. I really like the colour that the bleach creates on the black tissue paper, it makes such big contrast and because it turns pink it looks quite feminine. I drew the beaded details of the dress rather than the dress itself.


I moved onto some more conceptual pieces of the dress. I did a very simple drawing of the dress. They were both in reference to Katharine Asher’s illustration work. When she does her pieces she keeps them very simple and used a very dark outline to them. Some of the she has kept simple, and others she has filled in the inside with colour or black to give it more of a shape of depth.


In theses drawings I wanted to create more of a realistic view of the dress. I drew this with Jeanne Paquin illustrations in reference. She was one of the first people to start fashion illustration way back in 1900. Many of her drawings had small, unrealistic waists and big hips and chest. I tried my best to do this with my drawing of my wedding dress. I also started to show the dress sits, with pieces of material getting under each other and create more of a 3d feel.


I moved on to actually doing some sewing because that is what a specialise in and wanted to bring it out more. I tried having a go at drawing on the sewing machine. I didn’t want to create a simple flat drawing so instead I created a patchwork with different pieces all cut out. It would mean more sewing but I like the jolted effect it creates.


I decided to so the same but with the dress instead. I used an organza material because it created a floaty effect like the dress itself is. It is also the same material that the first dress was made from. I used a white thread because I though it would stand out on the grey. Because the fabric is quite opaque, it is easier to see the pieces behind it and the layers work better. However, because the fabric is quite thin, it bunched up when being sewn over and makes it look very creased and not light and delicate as it should be.


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